Why Be A Member?

Become a member of the WRALN and contribute your voice, leadership, and skills to create a healthier and more vibrant Waterloo Region where all residents are engaged in active living.

Membership is free.  The Network offers two types of membership: Partners and associate members


For organizations, groups, or individuals especially interested in active participation in the activities of the WRALN. 

As part of the Steering Committee, subcommittees, and working groups, partners become the voice of the organization, set the overall direction and scope of work of The Network, and create positive growth conditions for WRALN and its associated working groups.  Partners are expected to: 

  • Endorse The Network’s mission, vision and values
  • Set The Network’s strategic direction, overall goals, and supports its activities and projects
  • Advance The Network’s capacity to become a communication hub for active living in Waterloo Region
  • Create conditions to increase the membership base of The Network
  • Become the voice of The Network and position it as the communication hub for all active living in Waterloo Region
  • Advocate for policies, programming and services to increase levels of physical activity in Waterloo Region at the local/regional/provincial and federal level
  • Work in partnership and collaboration with local/regional/provincial/federal agencies working on the promotion of a healthy and active communities
  • Facilitate working groups, subcommittee, and other initiatives to achieve the Network’s specific goals
  • Advice on strategic issues related to active living
  • Assist in the development of a work plan for each objective
  • Report to the WRALN Membership at large
  • Be eligible to represent The Network in local/regional/ provincial/federal initiatives 
    Identify and obtain resources to support WRALN
  • Ensure accountability, transparency, and evaluation in all phases of The Network’s work


For organizations, groups, and individuals that work, promote activie living, request the membership but are unable to be actively involved in assume direct leadership positions within The Network.  Associate members are expected to:

    • Uphold the Network's overall goals, vision, mission and values
    • Are interested in exchanging knowledge, information sharing and networking around the promotion of active living
    • Express interest in The Network’s work and would like to be informed of The Network's activities
    • Volunteer in activities organized by The Network
    • Are looking for opportunities to collaborate with others and leverage The Network’s work/projects/initiatives

Partners and Associate members benefit from opportunities to:

    • Advertise Partners and Associate members’ events on The Network’s website
    • Receive feedback and support to new ideas, projects, initiatives
    • Participate in decision making regarding promotion and policy development around movement in Waterloo Region
    • Work in collaboration with others to shape health promotion and prevention policies and programs in Waterloo Region
    • Understand, link, and leverage Partners and Associate members’ work and the work of others
    • Access networking and knowledge exchange through face-to-face and electronic opportunities to help increase community capacity
    • Access continuous updates on current events in the area of active living and disease prevention via monthly e-blasts and newsletters
    • Promote Partners and Associate members’ own organization’s work

Complete the membership request form to become a member

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